User Interface preview

AdBuilder as interactive Corporate Identity Book…

Simply we programming Company Guideline as set of rules, values and mathematics logarithms into program that works with Adobe InDesign as an add-on.

On this website you’ve seen realtime screencast (if not then recommend to watch) and below you can find details about AdBuilder window dedicated to this screencast as well as all other sample resources prepared by us specially for showcase purposes.

Your AdBuilder can have different options and different look…but simplicity will stay exactly the same...

…to make workflow more automatic, faster and without layout mistakes. 

User interface preview and details

If you'd like to compare above window to Identity Book AdBuilder is based on you can download Sample PDF below.
Page dimensions
Input textfields to provide advert size.
Document units
Choose between millimeters and pixels. Depends of your decision artwork will be setup with bleed or without and in RGB colour space or CMYK.
Logo position
Choose where logo should be placed on page
Header type
Select what sort of header type you'd like to have in your artwork.
Branches colours
Check box by title to choose company colour you'd like to use
Add theme image
If you have a set of images you using for Client, you can define path to folder(s) containing them and choose in your AdBuilder.
If you'd like to compare above window to Identity Book AdBuilder is based on you can download Sample PDF below.

The same AdBuilder CAN NOT be used for two or more Clients because AdBuilder is strictly dedicated to one Brand Guideline.
Every Client is different so AdBuilder have to be different for each of them as well.

So what exactly you'll have to do with it?

Just type your page size and choose required parameters like measurement units and/or some additional artwork infos (they're all depends of Guideline).
AdBuilder will create page for you with all required by Guideline elements: 
  • logo on right position in right size, text blocks with sample copy with already predefined typography, copy sizes, spacings etc.
  • will tidy up your artwork on layers by placing parts of your artwork into different layers in the way to aviod text rasterizing effect and other could cause unwanted printing issues
  • will create set of necessary styles to work with (character styles, paragraph styles, object styles)
  • will add colour swatches if required
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